Approximately $125 Million Awarded to Eligible Claimants

The Claim Filing Deadline expired on March 25, 2021.
The Program is no longer accepting claims.


To Compensate and Resolve Claims of Victims-Survivors
of Sexual Abuse by Jeffrey Epstein

Effective June 25, 2020, the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program (the “Epstein VCP” or the “Program”) will begin accepting claims related to the sexual abuse of victims-survivors by Jeffrey Epstein. The Epstein VCP is a voluntary, non-adversarial, confidential claims resolution program that was established to provide compensation to victims and resolve their sexual abuse claims against Jeffrey Epstein and the Epstein Estate. The Epstein VCP operates entirely independently of the Epstein Estate.

The Epstein VCP was designed by nationally recognized independent claims administration experts Kenneth R. Feinberg, Camille S. Biros and Jordana H. Feldman, with input from victims’ lawyers, the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands, the Epstein Estate and other interested parties. Ms. Feldman also serves as the Administrator of the Program. PRESS RELEASE

This website includes important information about the Program and the claims process. The key features of the Program are as follows:

  • The Program is entirely free from any interference or control by the Epstein Estate.  As Administrator, Ms. Feldman retains complete and exclusive authority to determine eligibility and compensation for each individual claimant, and over all aspects of Program operations. The Epstein Estate cannot reject or modify any eligibility or compensation determination on any basis or as to any claim, and the Estate will pay all eligible claims based on the Administrator’s determination.
  • The Program is confidential.  Protecting Claimant privacy is of paramount importance to the Program. We have implemented significant measures to safeguard the security and confidentiality of all information submitted to, maintained and distributed by the Program. No information provided by Claimants will be provided to the Estate except as set forth in the Protocol.
  • The Program is purely voluntary.  No individual is required to participate. Only if the individual is satisfied with the compensation offered does the individual agree to waive rights to litigate against the Epstein Estate and related entities and individuals, as set forth in the Release.
  • Individuals who have filed a lawsuit, legal action or claim of sexual abuse against Jeffrey Epstein and/or the Estate or have otherwise been identified as a victim of Jeffrey Epstein to the Administrator on or before June 25, 2020 ("Effective Date") are eligible to participate in the Program.
  • Individuals who have not previously filed a lawsuit, legal action or claim of sexual abuse against Jeffrey Epstein and/or the Estate may be eligible to participate in the Program through this website by registering on this website. To register, potential claimants must complete the Registration Form with their name, contact information, and a summary description of the nature of the claim, including the dates and location of the abuse, on or before February 8, 2021.
  • To complement the Program's resources, Professor Marci A. Hamilton, a nationally recognized sexual abuse expert, serves as a consultant to the Administrator and her staff, at the discretion of the Administrator and with the Claimant’s consent.
  • The claims process is designed to provide an efficient and fair resolution of claims. The Administrator will post additional information about expected processing times on this website once the Program is underway and more information is available about claim volume, claim flow and the completeness and complexity of claims.
  • The Effective Date of the Program is June 25, 2020.
  • All new allegations must be registered no later than February 8, 2021 ("Registration Deadline").
  • All claims must be filed no later than March 25, 2021 ("Filing Deadline").